Monday, August 27, 2012

Water, water, everywhere!

Waterwise 4000In the past few years, there has been a big push towards people using refillable water bottles and drinking tap water instead of buying bottled. Perhaps you've heard that tap water is better regulated than bottled water, and because of that, you never really know what you're in your bottled water (except for plastic trash, but that's another story).  The problem is, I don't know what is in my tap water, either!

Someone recently asked me what my most used kitchen appliance is. I probably said that it was my Vita-Mix, but I need to recant that answer. My most used appliance is actually my Waterwise Countertop Distiller. It's been such an integral part of my kitchen for so long that I almost don't think about it (until I am away from it!). I have owned my Waterwise for probably close to a decade now, and it has traveled with me from coast to coast. I have tried quite a few other water filtering systems, but none of them have provided me with the quality and cost effectiveness that I have with my distiller. (In a pinch, Brita and Pur filters are okay, but don't even get me started on the ionized water quackery***!) When I came back to Europe this past winter, however, I sadly had to leave my Waterwise behind. I've grudgingly been drinking tap water for the past 8 months. I know it's supposed to be good water. The local water system even got an upgrade a few months ago, which promised even better quality water. But... I just don't trust it. The taste is not quite right. As a result, I was drinking a lot less water. I would disguise the water by drinking lots of tea and herbal infusions, but I still felt I wasn't getting the hydration my body needed. My skin started breaking out. I don't know if it was chemicals in the water, or simply not drinking enough water, but I suspect that that was somehow related to the water, or lack thereof.

In June I went back to the states for a quick visit. The first thing I did when I got to the house was plug in my Waterwise. Drinking distilled water during the week that I was there was nothing short of AMAZING. Knowing that I was drinking unadulterated H20 was gratifying in and of itself, but the difference I actually felt was even more noticeable than I had expected. It wasn't only the taste of the water, but also the effect of it on my body- hydrating-  that was obvious.

I came came back to Estonia, and back to the tap water {sigh}. I didn't go into any detail about my experience with the distilled water to my parents (although we had looked into European Waterwise dealers several months earlier, and I might have asked them whether they were still considering purchasing one).
Earlier this month, my parents took a vacation at our house in the states. They also got my Waterwise running, and they also had a very positive reaction to drinking the distilled water there. I am so excited to report that when they came back home they almost immediately asked me to go ahead and order a new Waterwise for us to use here in Estonia!

The bottom of the Waterwise boiler after a cycle
What I'm NOT drinking anymore!!

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Stay fresh!

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